Create your own connectivity products, control and own your own SIM cards and profiles.

Get access to global wholesale data plans. Embed secure communication and authentication into your IoT design.

Did you ever think of becoming a virtual operator yourself, instead of reselling third party connectivity propositions?

Do you want to be able to switch your operator, without a need for a SIM SWAP?

You want to embed mobile connectivity into your product, without knowing if it will ever be used?

Get control of your connections with multi-operator wholesale connectivity. eSIMs and real-time management of data streams that put you in the driving seat.

Enable your IoT initiatives with operator independent carrier grade global, regional and local wholesale connectivity for your cellular IoT solutions.

Our IoT wholesale connectivity services allow you to simply manage and control all your IoT solutions.

A standardized multi-operator eSIM gives a seamless local and global mobile network experience via the most reliable voice, SMS, 2G, 3G and 4G network services.

By using GSMA standardized eSIM, we enable a secure and guaranteed remote transfer to another mobile operator. 

As the independent third party. We deliver a multi-operator SIM with coverage on ~600 operators, including bootstrap profile and primary mobile connectivity operator profiles.
Our bootstrap profile is supported by a special multi-IMSI applet designed to guarantee global connectivity. 

Becoming a virtual operator yourself instead of using or reselling operator subscription is a viable alternative for any company needing large amounts of mobile connections. Typical customers for this solution are: M2M connectivity resellers, OTT players, OEM manufacturers, large corporates and system integrators. The benefits of becoming your own MVNO allow increased margins and control.


We offer a virtual MVNO solution with all necessary components to become a full MVNO. Ranging from business case consultancy to Telco number registration to all the carrier grade core network elements. Our Telco and IT-solutions are modularly built with, fully integrated back office – and Business Support Systems.


The mobile core fully supports 2G, 3G and 4G, Postpaid and prepaid rating & control, CDR generation for all types of traffic.


SMPP, APN, VPN and IP management allow integrated control and security for private networks. Integration with our standardized API allows for easy integration with your business critical operational processes and provides you with fully automated insight and control into and over the application you use.


Our eSIM (or eUICC) is functionally identical to the traditional removable SIM. Our solutions supports several form factors from the traditional plug-in (2FF-mini SIM, 3FF-micro SIM, 4FF-nano SIM) to the soldered form factors (MFF2 QFN8) and softSIM (software).


Our eSIM is fully interoperable with any type of mobile network, any SIM manufacturer and any device.


The PMFactory eSIM Solutions are compliant with the open standards as set by the GSMA eSIM specification and eSIM Remote Provisioning Architecture. Look for the GSMA eSIM logo to make sure your products are compliant.

Our eSIM Solutions allow you to change your operator during your device life-cycle. We use secure and reliable remote provisioning (over the air) to install and manage operator profiles without a SIM swap. We give you full control to install, activate, deactivate, change and delete profiles on your eSIMs. PMFactory transition team will assist you in the on-boarding of our eSIM solution and managing operator profiles as part of your business critical processes. You have the tools to decide on the appropriate mobile operator profile for your device, anytime and anywhere.

Our eSIMs allow for the provisioning of multiple subscriptions on the device. You are free to bring your own operator profile or use an PMFactory profile. PMFactory factory loaded bootstrap allows for the initial global connectivity, at first activation or during transition to your chosen mobile subscription. Our bootstrap profile will automatically function as a fallback recovery service in order to sustain connectivity in case of problems with the active operator profile. A special multi-IMSI applet on our eSIM supports our bootstrap profile designed to provide guaranteed global connectivity.

Our eSIM is fully interoperable with any type of mobile network, any SIM manufacturer and any device. We place ownership and control of the eSIMs in the hands of our clients. Via subscription and SIM resource management, we facilitate our clients with the secure generation, storage and management of eSIM profiles and the associated authentication and keys. You own the SIM, so you can manage it according to your business needs.

With eSIM, its your SIM, and you have full control of the profiles, security and SIM applications. This means you can put your apps in the eSIM instead of the firmware, and your apps have direct access to the authentication and encryption elements on the SIM to strengthen security and to build better solutions for access control and identity management.


PM Factory Core services get infrastructure on demand for cloud core network components. From HSS, SSMC, Interworking protocols to a complete core network for 2G, 3G or 4G… you choose.

PM Factory has built a comprehensive set of solutions that get you connected and give you the control you need. Our solutions are built with carrier grade core network elements, fully integrated with back office OSS (Operational Support Systems) and BSS (Business Support Systems).


The solutions provide MVNE infrastructure on-demand to manage wholesale and retail functions for Operators and Corporates. The core includes the network core with full support for 2G, 3G and 4G interconnects and access with real-time rating & routing controls, CDR generation for all types of traffic. Optional dedicated instance provides full control of GT and Data traffic with session, IP and APN flexibility, and direct access to balance management functions for wallet control.

  • • for MNOs to manage wholesale delivery to their clients
  • • for MVNEs to provide cost effective core control
  • • for MVNOs to allow “full MVNO” connectivity
  • • for IoT platforms for control of data services
  • • for Enterprises for private mobile networks
  • PM Factory Billing & Charging allow you to rate and charge events in real-time, giving you and your end-users more control over their services to limit exposure. Manage the complete chain including rating, charging, invoicing and payment handling.

The solution handles pre-paid, post-paid and hybrid services tailored to MVNO, M2M and IoT application.

PM Factory Global Connect provides SIMs and airtime access in addition to services that provide control of MSISDNs, IMSIs, ICCIDs, Short Codes and Global Titles. Multi-IMSI support is available with distribution, auto-selection, and tooling to manage multi-accounts. SMPP, APN, VPN and IP management allow integrated routing and security for private networks.

Private Mobile Networks

Advantages of Private Mobile Roaming are:


• Optimal in-door coverage, where radio coverage cannot be guaranteed by the public network.
• Redundant network, the public and the private network together form two separate redundant connections.
• Within a private mobile network, the customer or service provider has full control over traffic, security and content.

Private Mobile Roaming is a service that links the customer’s private mobile network to the public mobile network and provides the user or router with transparent mobile communications regardless of where they are located.


Private Mobile Roaming facilitates in a smart combination of a private and public mobile network and consists of a connection to the PM Factory data center. The connection is used to send and receive network signaling and mobile data traffic within and outside the Private Network.


The private mobile network acts as a small-scale independent mobile network within the traditional Dutch mobile networks. The user / router can communicate and is accessible in both networks.


The required private mobile antenna network is supplied and managed by partners. The SIM cards and connections are provided and managed remotely by PM Factory. PM Factory Private Mobile Roaming: supports voice, data communication and SMS. Communication between users / routers within the private mobile network are free.

5G is the successor to LTE. LTE is better known to the general public as 4G of the public mobile operators. With a private network, however, the data remains on premise and a piece of spectrum is used that is reserved for the licensee of that frequency. This allows you to work freely and without interference. When you use a private network, you have, as it were, your own connectivity bubble.
The spectrum is entirely reserved for companies that want to locally develop their own Private 5G-ready network.
This means that PMFactory can offer 4G-now, 5G-next networks that are ready to take the next step in the fourth industrial revolution.

Advantages of a Private 5G Network?

What makes Private 5G so interesting compared to WiFi?
First and foremost, a lot less access points are needed because you can radiate to a higher, legal capacity.
We will sum up the other advantages. If the latency, throughput, reliability or security of WiFi is not sufficient, then Private 5G comes into the picture.
In short, wireless connectivity in business and mission critical communication.


1. Data Security: Company data is safe within your own network (data remains on the company’s premise)

2. Independent of public operators (local coverage optimized for local and private services and applications)

3. Ultra Low Latency

4. High throughput

5. Increased QOS capabilities

6. Non line of sight connectivity

7. Process automation

8. Scalability

9. Reliable network, even in difficult conditions

10. High indoor & outdoor speeds


The trends below fully support the Private 5G concept:

1. AGV (automated guided vehicles)
2. Predictive Maintenance
3. IoT
4. M2M
5. H2M
6. AR / VR
7. Automated Drones
8. Intelligent manufacturing